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FC7000             Details       Specifications Graphtec
FC7000 Series Specifications
CPU 32-bit


Digital Servo Friction feed with MicroGritrollTM drive

Maximum cutting area (expanded mode)

30.0 in. x 164'
(762 mm x 50 m)

42.0 in. x 164'
(1067 mm x 50 m)
54.0 in. x 164'
(1372 mm x 50 m)
64.0 in. x 164'
(1626 mm x 50 m)

Compatible film width

2.9 in. to 36.2 in.
(74 mm to 920 mm)
2.9 in. to 48.2 in.
(74 mm to 1224 mm)
2.9 in. to 60.2 in.
(74 mm to 1529 mm)
2.9 in. to 72.2 in.
(74 mm to 1834)
Maximum auto cross cutting width 35.0 in. 47.0 in. 59.0 in. 69.0 in.

Maximum cutting speed

58.5 in./s
(1485 mm/s)
Programmable axial cutting speeds 0.4 to 41.3 in./s in 105 steps
(10 to 1050 mm/s)
Maximum axial acceleration 4.0 G

Programmable cutting force

20 to 600g in 40 steps (0.196N to 5.88N)

Minimum character matrix

Approximately 0.125 in. high
Alpha-numeric characters, varies with type of film and font
(3 mm.)

Mechanical resolution

0.0002 in.
(0.005 mm.)

Programmable step size

GP-GLTM: 0.0004 in.; HP-GL® emulation: 0.001 in.
(GP-GLTM: 0.01 mm; HP-GL® emulation: 0.025 mm)


0.0039 in. over 80 in. travel or better
(0.1 mm. over 2 m.)

Number of tool holders

1 (accepts cutting blade, plotting pen, and pouncing tool)

Blade types

Supersteel, ceramic, sapphire,
(0.9 mm. or 1.5 mm.)

Pen types

Water-based fibertip, roller ball, and ceramic tip

Film types

Self-adhesive vinyl film, fluorescent film, reflective film, AmberlithTM, RubylithTM, sandblast resist rubber, etc.

Pouncing function
Standard with multi-functional plotting surface for cutting, plotting, and pouncing (requires optional pouncing tool)


RS-232C serial/Centronics parallel (auto recognition)/USB

Data buffer 2 Mbytes

Command set

GP-GLTM/HP-GL® (control panel selectable)

Control menu & status display

20 digits by 4 lines LCD with comprehensive icon corresponding soft keys

Axis alignment
Standard precision registration mark sensor for registration of pre-printed digital image
Media supply mechanism
Integrated Accuload™ media supply system
Optional media rack for simultaneously holding up to 3 rolls of media
Media pre-feed
Standard (built-in SmartFeed™ function automatically unwinds and pre-feeds media for an operator specified distance upon self-recognition of plot file length)
Floor stand

Power requirement

100-240 VAC, 48-62 Hz; auto switching, 120 VA max.

Operating environment

50° to 95°F (10° to 35°C), 35% to 75% RH (non-condensing)

Guaranteed accuracy environment

50° to 90°F (16° to 32°C), 35% to 70% RH (non-condensing)

Standard software Cutting MasterTM plug-in software, QuickCutTM plug-in software, Cutting Plotter Controller software (Windows®/Mac® compatible)
Options Additional Media Rack, Pouncing Tool, Media Catch Basket, Registration/Axis Alignment Loupe
Factory installed options Second penholder

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