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Unlimited Power, Unparalleled-Ease-of-Use

EnRoute 4, the most versatile professional CAD/CAM software, delivers innovative solutions for fast, efficient and precise results. What makes EnRoute 4 stand out among other CAD/CAM software packages is its ability to combine state-of-the-art technology with tools you can quickly learn, master and operate.




Only a few mouse-clicks from design to a file ready to machine.
Now, imagine what all that saved time can do for your bottom line!






Associative Toolpaths   Use Templates to Save Time

Associative Toolpaths are designed to save time and effort throughout the job process. By keeping an active link between the toolpath and the geometry, you are free to modify the geometry (i.e. scale, resize, rotate) and the toolpaths will automatically recalculate accordingly.
  By using templates, you can utilize elements from previous jobs, reducing and simplifying the design-to-production process
Superior Toolpath Creation Engine   Cut Costs with Shape Nesting

Although EnRoute 4 is easy to use, we did not compromise the power behind its accurate, reliable, and efficient toolpath creation tools. EnRoute 3's Toolpath Creation Engine has been entirely redesigned and is already setting a new standard for power, speed, and precision.

True shape nesting minimizes material waste and maximizes yield. This will directly affect your busines' bottom line in productivity and material cost.

Vectorization   Remarkable Speed

Utilizing Scanvec Amiable's renowned Vectorization Engine, EnRoute 4 guarantees quick and precise bitmap conversion to vector art.

  One of the most complex tasks for machining is calculating 3D engraving toolpaths using a conic tool (V-bits). Only EnRoute's integral 3D engine is powerful enough to generate 3D engraving toolpaths as you work, without causing frustrating delays.

See below a benchmark comparing EnRoute 3 and other leading packages.




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