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All Sign Frame Kits Are Not Created Equal!

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Faster to assemble…  

ABC® knock-down kits are easy to understand and quick to assemble. Because we do more of the work, the time required for your crew to complete the assembly is less.  There is no sign frame that assembles faster than the ABC® Large A/Flexframe.  For medium to large signs, this frame offers perimeter service access without hinging, sliding or removing sign faces. Designed to work with rigid plastic faces,  routed aluminum faces, or flexible fabric faces,  all with one frame.  And better yet…it’s the fastest system to assemble available to our industry.

Mitered, Drilled & Punched…  

You may order ABC® knock-down kits for  sign frames of all types in this form.  We miter the corners,  and provide any wireway covers that are required, punched for sockets to accommodate proper lamp spacing.  This saves you significant time during sign assembly.  All retainers and removable covers are drilled to save you time!  We also offer all of our frame systems “mitered only”, if this is preferred.

ABC® Accessories & Hardware…  

All kits for pole-mounted signs are offered with precision-cut pipe plates cut by our MULTICAM® plasma-cutting machine.  This results in tight-fitting pipe plates that save enormous amounts of time in the field during sign installation.  We fabricate angle brackets, truss cabling, Z-brackets, and flashing clips in large quantities which means these accessories cost you less.

ABC® Kits are engineered…  

Every frame system has been engineered to withstand any desired windload when built to the guidelines we provide in our published design criteria.  Pipe plates and bolted connections have been professionally engineered.  All extruded sign frames are designed to drain water properly to the outside of the sign and to accommodate all necessary lighting components.

Just in time inventory…

Many sign companies prefer buying kits to stocking long lengths of extrusions.  It saves space that may be critical for small companies,  and your dollars turn over faster.  The other advantage of buying kits is there is nothing left on the shelf when the job is done.






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