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Photo Instructions for Flex Face Tensioning

Easy Sheet 1         Flexible Face Tensioning Procedure
                                 Extensive procedures

Easy Sheet 2         Hanger Bar Application

Easy Sheet 3         Radius Corner Fabrication

Easy Sheet 4         Lamp and Pipe Chart

Easy Sheet 5         Z-Bracket Application

Easy Sheet 6         Wide-Fab Frame, Wide Retro
                                 Bleed Frame

Easy Sheet 7         Bleedface Saddle Construction

Easy Sheet 8         Kerf-Cutting Radius Corners

Easy Sheet 9         Strut Application

Easy Sheet 10       Weld-Free Cabinet Construction

Easy Sheet 11         Structural Frame Support Braces

Easy Sheet 12         ABC Flex Joints

Easy Sheet 13         Inside and Outside R Components

Easy Sheet 14         ABC Divider Bars

Easy Sheet 15         Finished Frame Dimensions

Easy Sheet 16a      ABC Wireway Extrusions

Easy Sheet 16b      ABC Wireway Extrusions

Easy Sheet 17        Accessory Parts

Easy Sheet 18        Diagonal Truss Members for Large,
                                  Cantilevered Frames

Easy Sheet 19        Neon Border Channel and Lens

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All ABC Sign Product parts described on these pages are included in one or more of the following patents: U.S.: 6,088,942   4,817,656   4,265,039   4,005,522
Canadian:   1,170,048-049-050  1,149,159   1,021,565
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