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Heavy Duty R-Saddle on Hinged Frame

The Heavy Duty R-Saddle is a very strong, heavy wall extrusion for building hinged face signs up to approximately 80 square feet in size. It is used with ABC's Single and Double-Hinged Frames for versatility. The curved outer flange of the Drain Channels on these frames to form a "cam-action" as the face closes, automatically aligning the hinged frame to fit perfectly as it closes. Screws are used in the sides and bottom to secure the hinged frame.

A continuous top-mounted piano hinge is riveted as illustrated. The 2" wide E-Z Retainer provides very adequate face retention and allows generous room for expansion and contraction. It is engineered for wind loads up to hurricane force. Note that ABC's Corner Keys can be used in the slot for perfect alignment of the mitered corners of the retainers..

The Heavy Duty R-Saddle is especially designed to use ABC's exclusive concealed Gas Spring Cylinder Struts attached to Ball Studs as illustrated in the drawing. These struts automatically open the face when the fasteners are released and hold the face open for hands-free work.

Flat or formed plastic faces are to be hung from the top as illustrated, using ABC's Modified Acrylic extruded Hanger Bar which comes in 16' lengths to avoid spliced joints in the hanger bar, which can be a source of cracks in the face, leading to breakage.

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