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Visual Presentation Systems - Interior and Exterior Poster Frames

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Back-lit Movie Poster Cases
Black or Satin-Silver anodized, ADA compliant, key-locked frame with Polycarbonate outer face, white acrylic inner face. Just 3-1/2" deep! Made in two stan
dards sizes (with or without header panel).


Illuminated Film Poster Cases
Black or Sati
n-Silver anodized, same frame as Movie Poster cases, but made in seven standard poster sizes for printed film graphics. Key locked, with quick-change and easy lamp service features.

Springflex Back-lit Posters
Our patented frame for using unbreakable flexible substrate with printed graphics., not requiring security faces. Comes in six popular standard poster sizes. Quick-change for graphics.  Choice 4" deep or 3" deep frames.


Outdoor Illuminated Readerboards
Readerboards are available with locking outer security faces. When unlocked, the concealed internal gas-cylinder struts open the hinged security face frame for easy, hands-free letter changes. Readerboards are configured standard to accept 3 lines of changeable letters per face, however additional lines per face can be added.

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All ABC Sign Product parts described on these pages are included in one or more of the following patents: U.S.: 6,088,942   4,817,656   4,265,039   4,005,522
Canadian:   1,170,048-049-050  1,149,159   1,021,565
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