5000 Series CNC Router

MultiCam's 5000 Series CNC routers are our most flexible machines. Designed for high-speed routing in a broad range of woodworking, plastic and non-ferrous metal applications, they are easily configured to meet most application requirements. Rigid all-steel construction and space saving, moving-gantry design makes them a robust, commercial-grade machine designed for heavy-duty CNC routing. With the industry's largest range of standard table sizes and spindle configurations, Multicam's 5000 Series CNC routers are an ideal choice in today's competitive manufacturing environment.

MultiCam routers come very complete. Pick the spindle which best fits your needs and you are ready to go. We recommend our auto mister for cutting aluminum and brass. The auto mist function only comes on when the cutter is entering the material. This avoids waste and excess mess. All maintenance tools are included
as well as grease to lubricate the bearings.

5000 Series Standard Features:

No machine offers more standard features than the MultiCam.

  • User-friendly operator interface
  • 25 mm linear ball bearing profile rails
  • Drive System: X,Y-Rack Z-Ball Screw
  • Standard Power: 220V/50 or 60HZ
  • 2,200 inches/minute rapid traverse
  • Standard Automatic Tool Calibration.
  • 12 Megabytes of Memory with unlimited file size transfer capabilities
  • Standard Ethernet or RS232 direct connections

Yes, you do get Ethernet, Automatic Tool Calibration, and one of the easiest to use hand held interfaces for no additional cost!

MultiCam Controller

  • Handheld keypad interface allows operator to set job parameters, jog the machine, perform system tests and download jobs from a remote computer system
  • Ethernet and serial communications interface are available to the host computer system
  • Productivity Software Suite is included