4000 Series Cantilever WaterJet

The MultiCam 4000 Series Cantilever WaterJet cutting system is an affordable, highly accurate, highly accessible, production cutting solution. Designed for manufacturers who need to cut heavy stone or like materials or need a large processing area without sacrificing accuracy or cut quality. This system is manufactured with precision and accuracy is the end result. Using high precision machinery processes, and verifying with certified laser calibration equipment, insures the overall standards guaranteed by MultiCam. Precision ground helical rack and pinion gears, 35 mm linear bearing rails, and top of the line high precision planetary gear boxes will take the system well into the future and help build any business plan.

Your investment is protected against shop elements with armoloy rail coatings, labyrinth seals, bellows, and built in self-test routines. If that wasn't enough, the MultiCam gantry and X-axis base are welded, stressed relieved, and machined from heavy structural steel. The cantilever design will provide full access to three sides of the cutting tank, which provides easy loading and unloading of material. It is no surprise that the MultiCam 4000 Series system is one of the most reliable, smoothest and accurate cutting systems on the market today.

4000 Cantilever WaterJet Standard Features:

No machine offers more standard features than the MultiCam

  • Digital Brushless AC Servos provide high-speed contouring
  • Fully programmable retract between cuts
  • User-friendly MultiCam Controller
  • Standard Ethernet interface with DNC file system with unlimited file size transfer capabilities
  • Material Database accessible via hand-held keypad
  • Modular X-Axis beams made from heavy tubing with machined bearing references
  • Massive 35mm linear bearings
  • Helical rack and pinion
  • High Precision planetary gearboxes with 1 arc minute backlash and 5 year warranty
  • All axis are environmentally protected by bellows
  • Single or Multiple head configurations available
  • Fast switching between pure water and abrasive cutting
  • Tool-Free, hand tightening abrasive nozzle design
  • Tighter water jet stream for increased cutting speed
  • Stress-relieved heavy-duty all steel construction
  • Optional PC Workstation with graphical interface