Type II, III, IV, E-Z, Thrif-T

For Small Signs with Flat or Formed Faces

ABC offers five extrusion frames systems for building small signs from about 60 square feet to the smallest one might need.
Select a frame size for full descriptions, or the section views for enlarged drawings.

8" Type II Frame

The mill finish Type II Frame is used for double face or single face signs using the Back Adapter to insert a sheared metal back, which eliminates braking the back metal. It is designed for welded corners and paint finishes. It features ABC's unique Hanger Bar and a choice of Beveled or Flat Retainers.  6" or 8" Radius Corner Kits are available for the Type II Frame.

6" Type III Frame

The mill finish Type III Frame is ideal for one-off or quantity production signs with welded corners. To save labor, the Unit Frame is used on three sides. The fourth side is made of the End Frame with removable Retainers to install or remove faces. 6" Radius Corner Kits are available for the Type III Frame.

5" Type IV Frame

The Type IV Frame is designed for weldable or weld-free assembly. It is available in your choice of mill finish for painting, or black anodized for a very high quality lifetime finish, preferred by architects and sign buyers. 6" Radius Corner Kits are available for this frame. The 5" Half-Round or Rectangular Posts can be used for end post mounting this frame.
5.75" E-Z Frame

The E-Z Frame is a beautiful, rounded edge frame that assembles with Corner Keys and Corner Brackets that are a press-fit into the corner slots. This frame is available only in clear anodized finish, although it can be painted if color is required. It also comes in the Unit Frame and End Frame versions to reduce labor.
Thrif-T Frame

This single face frame accept two retainers. Depending on the choice of retainer this assembly can be 6.5" wide or 8" wide. It is available in pre-painted bronze or mill finish. It is designed for weld-free assembly using our Corner Keys and press-fit Corner Brackets. Both configurations include an integrated hanger bar.