Access Frames

For Large Signs

For large signs, ranging in size from about 6' x 8' up to 10' x 40' or more. See our Access Frames. ABC's Access Frames are very versatile. They can be used for rigid plastic faces or flexible faces. The Access Frame system is ABC's "Workhorse" frame because it can be used for a large portion of the mainstream cabinet type signs. Normally pole mounted, they can also be end-mounted with our special extruded aluminum Z-Bracket hardware.

Service Access

Sliding out or hinging a large sign face high in the air is difficult and dangerous. We designed the Access Frames so that it is never necessary to move or open the face to service the lamps, ballasts or wiring.

All service is done through the removable outer C-Covers. Hand holes are punched through the main frame wall, through which lamps and sockets can be changed, and the entire frame assembly is the wireway, giving plenty of space for all the electrical components. The frame acts as a heat-sink, which tends to reduce ballast temperature.

Access Frames are Available in single face or double face versions, and also Bleedface versions.

Large Access / Flexframe
- Acrylic or Flexible Faces

Small Access / Bleedframe

Kerf-cut radius
Corners and Shapes!

External Services
Never Move Face!

No Shadow Corners!