Conventional Frames

For Medium Size Signs with Rigid Faces

ABC's Conventional sign frames are are a perfect solution when building medium size signs. They offer exceptional quality features, value for cost and good aesthetics. They accommodate flat or formed acrylic or polycarbonate faces or routed aluminum faces, and are much less labor intensive than angle iron and sheet metal construction. And they will never rust!

ABC's 12" Conventional Frame is our largest conventional  frame, which requires the face to slide in the retainers for internal service access. It is a full 12-2/4" wide, and use 12" on center fluorescent lamps, even with flat faces.  It will allow a 6-5/8" O.D. pipe to pass through without shadows when lamps are properly spaced.  It is recommended for signs up to about 100 square feet in size.  It features an integrated hanger bar on the frame to properly suspend the faces, and offers a choice of four different retainers for changing the aesthetic appearance of the frame.

Standard, precision-routed pre-fabbed 10" radius corners are available for very reasonable cost, or random curves can be formed by Kerf-Cutting.

ABC's Type I Frame is a 10" wide Conventional Frame is very similar in design features of the 12" frame. It is recommended for sizes up to about 90 square feet in size. It also has the integrated hanger bar on the frame, and offers your choice of the four retainers.

It allows up to a 5-1/2" O.D. pipe to pass through. This frame most commonly used for formed plastic faces, in which case lamps can be 12" on center. (Lamps centers should never exceed the face to face dimension). It is also a popular frame for medium size signs with routed aluminum faces. ABC offers 10" - 9" or 8" precision fabricated radius corners for this frame at minimum cost. This frame can also be Kerf-Cut for random curves.