Post & Panel Frames

With No Visible Fasteners

ABC provides the Post and Panel extrusions in stock 25' lengths, or in pre-cut kits with all assembly hardware. Or, ABC's wholesale manufacturing division will build the signs completely finished, ready to install!

How do we make them without a visible fastener? ABC's better idea!  Our 3-1/4" wide, weld-free Post & Panel sign frames are assembled with our patented tap-in Corner Keys.

Then, the panel frame slides onto our extruded aluminum half-round or rectangular posts, using any one of three connecting Reveal parts we call "Reveal" because, depending on which Reveal part you choose, different aesthetics result.

The No Reveal part assembles the sign and post tightly together, giving a monolithic appearance. The 1/2" Reveal provides a 1/2" wide recessed reveal between the post and panel sign frame.  The 1" Reveal provides a 1" reveal between the post and sign frame.

In addition, ABC's 5" wide half-round extrusion is used with out Type IV Frame for illuminated Post and Panel signs with acrylic faces.