Wide Fab Frames

For Very Large Signs

ABC's WIDE-FAB FRAME is ideal for really big signs for which large pipes or square tubes must pass through the sign cabinet without shadows. This frame can be made to any filler width and with any type of internal lighting. The Wide-Fab frame is available in two versions: One with retainers and another for Bleed-Face applications, with no visible retainers.

To see how Flexible Faces are engineered and installed with ABC's Patented Tensioning System, click on Easy Sheet 1 (4 page PDF).

Click on Kerf-Cutting to see how this frame can be used to fabricate radius corners, or to form large, random curves.

ABC designed special extruded aluminum internal Wireway Extrusions to make it easy and more economical to wire big signs to use multi-tiered fluorescent lamps.

Also, for huge signs, which must be transported and installed in sections, ABC provides our Large Flex-Joint extrusion, which are used to build separate sections, completely finished with faces and lamps, that can be stacked with little or no shadow at the abutting joint.

To see more details on how the Wide-Fab Frame Systems are used to build huge, wide body signs, click on Easy Sheet 6.