Architectural Frames

ABC's Architectural Edge Frames were so named because they form the "edge" between the face and the filler of a sign, and provide shapes to the cabinet that would be difficult, if not impossible, to do otherwise. They are totally unique in the sign industry, and were the first to use VHB tape to attach routed faces with no visible fasteners.

There are Four Architectural Edge Frames:

The Radius Edge Frame

Service access to the internal lighting is provided by making one filler (or more) removable with countersunk screws. Use ABC's U.L. Listed neoprene gasket tape under the removable filler panels to prevent water and dirt entry. This method of constructing routed aluminum sign cabinets with push-through plastic letters is very fast and economical compared to angle framing and welding. There is no dimpling, filling or sanding to do prior to painting.

The Beveled Edge Frame

Most modern architectural signs are ground-mounted monument style. These displays are frequently seen up close, and our Edge Frame construction appears to be seamless, monolithic solid piece. They are strong enough to use for very sizable signs, and regardless of size, they require minimal labor to assemble. As always, ABC's wholesale manufacturing division can build them for you. Our routing expertise is exceptional.

The Inset Edge Frame

The Edge Frame cabinets may be any dimension, face to face, that may be desired. The cross members of 1" aluminum square tube are cut to a uniform width to determine the face to face dimension. They are placed one on each corner, then approximately 30" apart around the perimeter of the cabinet. When placed as illustrated, the fillers will rest flush on the cross members, but leaving .040" space for the continuous VHB tape.

The Square Edge Frame

These edge frames are designed to use .040" VHB tape to mount sheared faces of .080 aluminum faces and fillers. The only welding is internal between the 1" square tube cross members and the inside flange of the Edge Frame.