F-Saddle on Hinge Frame

"F-Saddle" means that this frame is for flexible faces. They can be hinged open for internal service access. Used with a piano hinge at the top, this is a very popular assembly for long, continuous single face fascia signs in malls and mini-market service station fronts. When used with the ABC Hinge Frame Flex Joint, as illustrated, fascia signs can be made to open in separate sections, corresponding to each shop front. This makes it possible to open or change faces or the graphics, for any shop without disturbing the other shops' faces.
The double face version is ideal for smaller flexible faced signs, especially those to be pipe-mounted. This frame will allow pipes up to
5-5/8" to pass through the frame and with an overall width of 13-3/4", lamps may be spaced 12" on center with no shadowing. Single or double face signs should place a vertical strut, as illustrated, on 48" centers to prevent bowing and to meet the ABC engineering criteria for this assembly. The 1-1/2" Reveal Trim or the Bleed trim offers a variation in aesthetics.

For medium to small size double face signs and unlimited length fascia signs ABC's Outside R-Saddle is your most economical solution.

Hinge Frame Flex-Joint

ABC's Hinge Frame Flex-Joint is unique. It forms a butt-joint for separate sections of flexible faces with independently hinged frames. Very little shadow occurs when special attention is given to lamp placement as illustrated above.

Simply use the Flex-Joint instead of the F-Saddle for the vertical ends of the outer hinged frame sections. These two parts can be mitered where they meet at the corners.