Heavy Duty Zero Clearance Frame

ABC's Heavy Duty Zero Clearance Frame system is designed specifically for building large hinged faces up to 6' X 10' or 5' X 12' in size. Smaller signs may be side-hinged but large signs should be hinged at the top.

The H.D. Zero Clearance assembly consists of the Zero Clearance Saddle and the Zero Clearance Carrier Frame. The Z.C. Saddle may be permanently riveted to your choice of ABC's Large or Small Access Flexframes, the Type I Frame, the Type II Frame or the Type IV Frame. This gives a very wide choice for building single or double face wall mounted or pole mounted signs, and for choosing the most economical assembly for your project.
The Z.C. Saddle is designed with a special curved Hanger Bar to support the inner face from the top by using ABC's Modified Acrylic extruded Hanger Bar attached to the face.

The Z.C. Carrier Frame has a heavy wall thickness for welding the mitered corners. It also features a slot for bolting 1/4" thick X 5/8" wide architectural aluminum angle corner brackets to enable one end to be removable for installing or removing the outer plastic face.

A continuous stainless steel hinge is riveted between the Z.C. Saddle and the Z.C. Carrier Frame as illustrated.

The Z.C. Carrier Frame is also designed for drilling and mounting the locks on the sides or bottom of the face frame. Note that the plastic face must be slotted around the lock to allow the face to move, and to be removed.

When lamps are to be changed, the inner face can be lifted off the Hanger Bar, giving complete access to the lamps and wireway covers. If the Access Flexframes are used, all lamp, ballast and wiring service is done through the removable C-Cover anywhere around the perimeter without disturbing the faces.