Outside R-Saddle on Hinge Frame

When there is the occasional need for a hinged faced sign with an inner face with copy that is semi-permanent, but which may need changing at some time, ABC's Outside R-Saddle on the Hinge Frame is the best solution. It is a part designed to hold the inner face and also an outer security face, all in one Retainer. There are two versions of this part; the Outside R-Hinge which is a "self-hinging" part, used only on the top of the Frame, and the Outside R-Saddle, which is used on the sides and bottom of the sign frame. (See illustrations) Alternatively, the Outside R-Saddle can be used at the top as well, with a continuous piano hinge.

There is a double Hanger Bar integrated into both parts, to properly suspend the faces at the top as illustrated. These parts feature a slot in the top outside corner for using ABC's Corner Keys to align the mitered corners if needed. In addition, two slots for Corner Brackets are provided to make one end removable for the faces to be installed or removed, if necessary, to change copy on the inner face.

The inner and outer faces have enough space between to mount letter track and flat change-letters. The Single Face assembly finishes 7-5/8" wide and the Double Face assembly finished 11-5/8" wide and will allow a 5-5/8" pipe to pass through the frame without shadowing. Lamps are normally placed 12" on center

The double faced assembly is for signs up to about 50 square feet,
The curved outer flange on the Hinge Frames provides a "cam effect" which perfectly aligns the hinged frame as it closes. This assembly offers a very compact, simple and economical solution for signs of this size and type.