R-Saddle on Hinge Frame

The "R" in R-Saddle indicates it is for Rigid plastic faces. It can be used on either the Single Hinge Frame for single face signs, or the Double Hinge Frame for double-faced signs. The Reveal Trim provides a full 1-1/2" retainer, with a deliberately large recess for the fasteners. This recess forms prominent design features on the finished sign. Screw bosses are provided in the top corner of the Retainer in which long #6 metal screws may be used to align the mitered corners.

The R-Saddle has a similar screw boss for aligning the mitered corners and features ABC's unique integrated Hanger Bar to hang the face in the frame, rather than resting it in the retainer. The face should always be suspended in the frame because of the cantilevered design. Also, suspending the face controls expansion and contraction and eliminates buckling and unsightly deflections in the face. The R-Saddle can be mounted with a continuous piano hinge at the top as illustrated below.

Single face signs are 8-3/4" deep and use 12" on center lamps set at least 6" behind the face. The Double Faced frame is 14-1/4" deep, and will allow a 5-5/8" O.D. pipe to pass through the frame. Lamps are normally placed 12" on center. These frames are designed for signs up to approximately 5' X 10' or 50 square feet.

The curved outer flange on the Hinge Frame provides a "Cam-Action" as the hinged face closes to perfectly align the frame, easily and effortlessly.