Back-Lit Movie Poster Cases

100% ADA Compliant - Satin Silver or Black Anodized Aluminum

ELEGANT best describes this new extruded aluminum back-lit Poster Case. It is a quantumm leap forward in functional case design for displaying standard size movie poster.

ADA COMPLAINT. The frame has radius edges and softly rounded bull nose corners... no sharp edges.

UNBREAKABLE. The solar grade polycarbonate outer security face will not craze or yellow with age. It is side-hinged to open for quick convenient poster changes.

QUICK 'N EASY. The poster simply slips under a top clip, so there's no hassle removing fasteners and no tape required!

EVEN LIGHTING is assured by the white acrylic inner diffuser panel, which is also side-hinged to swing open for complete access to clean or replace the standard F-T8 fluorescent lighting system.

KEY-LOCKED and tamper-proof, the Poster Case frame is less than 3-1/2" deep. The exclusive zero-tolerance frame design can be recessed flush into the wall, if desired.

LIFETIME QUALITY. The anodized frame will never require refinishing, and resists marking and scratching.

Movie Poster Cases are available completely finished, in any quantity and ready to install indoors or outdoors.


MODEL          H    x   H
MP-4533        45"  X  33"
MP-5333        53"  X  33"

For use above entrances
MODEL          H    x   H
OLB-649         6"  X  49"